Unlock the Art World for Kids in Orange County, California

Are you looking for art events specifically for children in Orange County, California? Arts Orange County (ArtSoc) has been encouraging appreciation, participation, and support for the arts and arts education since 1995. There are many art events available for kids of all ages in the area. For those over 6 years old, Art Academics Fullerton offers drawing, painting and creativity classes. Studio H Fine Art Irvine provides painting, sculpting and drawing classes, camps and private events for children ages 5 and up. Kidcreate Studio Dana Point offers art classes, homeschooling classes, birthday parties, camps and events for people over 18 months old.

The events will be directly promoted to more than 250,000 school-age children from first to eighth grade, as well as at all participating Imagination Celebration festival sites. Art+ Soul Collective offers drawing, painting, clay and mixed media classes at Newport Beach Art, workshops, camps and open study sessions for children ages 4 and up. Art Therapy OC Newport Beach provides individual, group and family art sessions, creative art and wellness workshops, parties and more. So if you're looking for art events specifically for kids in Orange County, California, there are plenty of options available! From drawing and painting classes to camps and private events, there's something for everyone to explore. Unlock the world of art for your children with these amazing opportunities! With so many options available in Orange County, you can find something that fits your child's interests and age range. Whether it's a class or a camp or a private event, there's something out there that will help your child explore their creativity. Don't miss out on these amazing art events! Get your kids involved in the world of art today with these amazing opportunities in Orange County.

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