Attendance at Art Events in Orange County, California: A Survey

A survey conducted by the Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research at Chapman University and the Orange County Business Committee for the Arts has revealed that art events in Orange County, California are seeing a decrease in attendance. This could be a sign that small arts groups are struggling in the area, where the cost of doing business is rising. The survey showed that arts groups in Orange County are making more money than they did four years ago, but they are serving a smaller audience. This decline in paid attendance was accompanied by a decrease in free tickets for schoolchildren, raising concerns that artistic groups are failing to create a future audience. The results of this survey suggest that art events in Orange County are facing a difficult situation.

The cost of doing business is increasing, while attendance is decreasing. This could be a sign that small arts groups are struggling to survive in the area. It is important for local businesses and organizations to support these groups and help them reach new audiences. It is also important for local governments to provide funding and resources to help these groups succeed. By investing in the arts, local governments can help ensure that art events remain vibrant and accessible to all members of the community.

Mollie Yemchuk
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