How to Submit Your Artwork to an Art Event in Orange County, California

Are you an artist looking to display your work at an art event in Orange County, California? If so, you'll need to understand the process for submitting artwork. Only original pieces of art are accepted, and all mediums can be judged by jurors. Every year, the Brea Gallery presents a completely new and unique exhibition with art from all over the state. The Laguna Beach Art Festival is one of the most popular art events in Orange County.

It is held annually and features art from around the world. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to show off your art in 2024!

Submission Requirements

To submit artwork for consideration, you must meet certain criteria. All artwork must be original and of your own design and execution. You must also provide a brief biography that includes your educational background and any relevant experience. For instance, Selma Holo has a doctorate in Spanish Art from the University of California in Santa Barbara, a master's degree in Spanish Art from Hunter College of CUNY (New York), and a degree in Spanish Language and Literature from Northwestern University.

Gerard, who grew up in Los Angeles, California, is a self-taught artist who has gained knowledge and experience from his travels and life experiences. He is currently a special advisor to the Los Angeles Art Division, where underserved youth receive art education. Paul Getty Villa, and has taught art at Brooks College and film at the University of San Francisco Art Academy. As an adult, he worked in many creative and artistic fields such as scenography, costume design and the construction of functional art.

Submission Process

Once you have met the submission requirements, you can start the submission process. You will need to provide a portfolio of your work that includes images of your artwork as well as information about each piece.

You will also need to provide a statement about your work that explains why it should be included in the exhibition. The selection committee will review all submissions and select those that best represent the theme of the exhibition. The committee may also consider other factors such as artistic merit, originality, and technical skill. Once selected, you will be notified by email or phone.


Submitting artwork to an art event in Orange County, California is an exciting opportunity for artists to showcase their work. To be considered for selection, you must meet certain requirements and submit a portfolio of your work along with a statement about why it should be included in the exhibition.

Good luck!.

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