Attending an Art Event in Orange County, California: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to attend an art event in Orange County, California? If so, you'll need to know the rules and regulations for attending such an event. The exhibition is limited to two works of art per artist, and registration is required. The NBAE registration deadline for 2024 will be set soon. An event permit carries an annual fee and authorizes the license holder to apply for event authorizations. An authorization for an event is what allows the licensee to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on a property adjacent to their authorized facility.

Event authorizations are limited to no more than four days in total per calendar year. More information on event authorizations can be found on the ABC website. Ticket limits will vary depending on the performances, so it's important to check the production performance details page for information on the limits of a specific performance. We generally allow eight entries per customer, but if you're part of a group, you may qualify for group ticket sales. Visit our group sales page for more information.

The Donor Circle brings together art enthusiasts and philanthropists in their love to support the OCMA and its mission. Members interact with artists and creators of Orange County's dynamic cultural landscape, both at a museum and through special programming opportunities. Any licensee who holds a license for beer and wine for sale (type 41 or 4), general sale (type 47, 48 or 5), general museum of wine, food and artistic culture (type 7), a special general restricted sales license (type 8) or a special general license for sale for historic cemeteries (type 8) can apply for an event permit. As stated above, please note that there is a limit of four days per calendar year in which the licensee can use an event authorization. In addition to the ABC-215 form, you must also submit a supplementary diagram (form ABC-25) clearly stating where the event will be held. The Newport Beach Art Exhibition provides an opportunity for artists to show and sell their artwork to the public in a one-day exhibition.

The authorization fee for an event is separate from the annual permit fee for the event and depends on the estimated size of attendance at the event. Submit a completed event authorization request (form ABC-21) to the nearest ABC office at least three days before the event but no more than 30 days before the event. This will ensure that your request is processed in time and that you can attend your desired art event in Orange County, California.

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