Explore the Best Art Events in Orange County, California

Are you searching for the top art events in Orange County, California? Look no further! From the Balboa Island Art Walk to the Laguna Beach Art Festival, there are plenty of incredible art events to explore. The Balboa Island Art Walk takes place on Sundays in June and is a great way to discover the local art scene. The Celebration of the Arts is held in Yorba Linda and showcases 140 of Orange County's best artists in an outdoor gallery. The Laguna Beach Art Festival is a juried fine art show that displays the diversity of the area through creative events.

The city center often hosts manufacturer events and community sales with live music, food, and vendors selling handmade gifts. The Laguna Art-A-Fair is one of Southern California's top summer fine art destinations and has been for more than 55 years. During the free event, everyone is invited to explore Laguna Beach's many art galleries and their various art exhibits. The annual Art In The Park event is a free community event on the green of the Newport Beach Civic Center.

Downtown Santa Ana is filled with art on the first Saturday of every month, when the galleries, theaters, artists and performers of Artists Village organize a monthly open house for the public. The event features 50 vendors with a diverse collection of handmade gifts and crafts. The incredibly popular Art Walk draws hundreds of art enthusiasts to the streets of downtown Fullerton, where several venues host art exhibitions, musical acts, and performing arts. ArtVenture is a free cultural event in Costa Mesa that includes a juried art exhibition, a community arts day and an award ceremony.

A world-renowned art destination, visitors can visit the exhibition, attend an art demonstration, dine at one of the hotel's restaurants, create their own masterpiece, or simply sit back and enjoy the creative atmosphere.

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