Explore the Art Events in Orange County, California

Downtown Santa Ana is a classic downtown that is filled with art on the first Saturday of every month. The Artists Village organizes a monthly open house for the public, featuring galleries, theaters, artists, and performers. The walking tour visits two San Juan Capistrano adobes built in the 1790s and the Victorian Pryor house. Hear stories about Buchard the pirate, Juan Flores the bandit, Chola Martina the witch and much more.

And in recognition of artists born in Australia in distant parts of Africa who choose to work in California. Silverado's annual rural fair and folk festival is one of the best family events of the season, exploring the wonders of the area's rustic Old West culture, excellent live bluegrass, country and folk music, Wild West re-enactments, handmade crafts, 19th-century activities, locking them up in a makeshift jail, delicious food, beer & wine bar, plus some silly contests from “yesteryear”, all nestled under the oak trees under Orange and the county's famous Saddleback Mountain. Sponsored by the San Clemente Chamber, this event includes a soup contest, an Arts & craft exhibition, a business exhibition, entertainment and a variety of fresh seafood. Come explore the Laguna Beach Art Festival, a juried fine art show featuring 140 of Orange County's best artists in an outdoor gallery.

This exciting and informative event was presented by President Lisa Bartlett, the Orange County Board of Supervisors, OC The Pet Adoption Center OC and Saddleback Church. This iconic, long-standing Orange County tradition combines artistically disguised people, extravagant sets, and theatrical enthusiasm to recreate famous works of art on stage. Events are listed by month and it's easy to find parades, festivals and popular annual Orange County events. One of the largest one-day festivals in Orange County is drawing more than 20,000 people a year.

Home - Orange County Tourist Information - Fun Things to Do in Colorado - Colorado Beaches - Art: 26% Music in Orange County - Shopping and Dining in Orange County. Community members are invited to attend this event to enjoy a parade attended by prominent community members, elected officials, community groups, school and church units, song and dance units, municipal service vehicles and community members who have been involved in the history of Orange County and its surrounding area. From large painted ceramic vessels used during Neolithic times to camel and horse sculptures made at the height of Silk Road trade to beautiful embroidered silk-cut robes and ivory carvings from the 19th century - this exhibition presents the importance of fine art made to be admired during life and relied upon in the afterlife. The event gives Tustin an opportunity to celebrate Orange County's agricultural heritage.

Downtown Santa Ana (DTSA), the county seat since 1889 is probably more reminiscent of a classic downtown than any other historic center in Orange County. With live entertainment, hands-on art projects and perfect moments - Sawdust Art Festival's Winter Fantasy will become your family's Christmas tradition. So if you're looking for an exciting way to explore art events in Orange County California then you've come to the right place! From large painted ceramic vessels used during Neolithic times to camel sculptures made at the height of Silk Road trade to modern day art festivals like Laguna Beach Art Festival or Sawdust Art Festival's Winter Fantasy there is something for everyone!.

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