Exploring the Art Scene in Orange County, California

Paul Vanouse, a 45-year-old New York artist, recently opened his exhibition at the University of California, Irvine. The event showcased a wide range of art from many artists and multiple mediums, including paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. It was a real treat to take a look at it before the live painting of the Pageant of the Masters. More than 80 years ago, a group of artists came together to sell original works of art on the main street of Laguna Beach.

These passionate individuals wanted to show the rise of creativity that was taking place in the area. Now, that small street fair has become a world-renowned cultural institution of fine arts. This year, the Art Festival will feature 140 Orange County artists who will exhibit works of art from all mediums, including jewelry, ceramics, photography and painting. Before heading to this year's festival, here are some artists and events you can't miss.

There will be 300 works of juvenile art on display by some of Orange County's emerging artists. These works of art, representing grades K-12, are sure to leave a lasting impression. Tickets can be purchased on site at the box office of the Festival of the Arts. Free admission is available for children under 5 years old, military personnel, Laguna Beach residents (with valid identification) and members of the Festival of Arts. The Orange County Museum of Art is another great place to explore the art scene in Orange County.

This 40-year-old gallery is on a mission to provide its customers with the best wholesale works of art and houses many interior designers, artists, galleries, restaurants and more in its 23,000 square foot showroom. The Mission Fine Arts Gallery is another great spot for art lovers. This gallery specializes in contemporary and modern art and features exhibition spaces designed by world-renowned architects such as Adam Caruso, Peter St John, Richard Gluckman, Richard Meier and Jean Nouvel. Throughout each year, the Art Festival sponsors art education programs, art exhibitions, and awards art scholarships to local high school students. The Orange County Contemporary Art Center is also worth checking out. This space encourages artists to develop their ideas, as well as to hold exhibitions and other projects. If you're looking for something to do in Orange County that celebrates creativity and culture, consider visiting one of these galleries or events.

You'll be sure to find something that appeals to your artistic side!.

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